Number: 323
Title: Loving Spirit
Composer: Corner's Gross Catholisch Gesangbuch, 1631 Arr. William Smith Rockstro (1823-1895)
Author: Shirley Erena Murray, 1987
Theme: Holy Spirit

1.  Loving Spirit, Holy Spirit,
    You have chosen me to be;
    You have drawn me to Your wonder,
    You have set Your sign on me.

2.  Like a mother You enfold me,
    Hold my life within Your own,
    Feed me with Your very body,
    Form me of Your flesh and bone.

3.  Like a father You protect me,
    Teach me the discerning eye,
    Hoist me up upon Your shoulder,
    Let me see the world from high.

4.  Loving Spirit, in Your closeness
    I am known and held and blest:
    In Your promise is my comfort,
    In Your presence I may rest.