Number: 328
Title: All Praise to God for Song God Gives
Composer: Dale Wood, 1986
Author: Carlton C. Buck, 1986
Theme: Holy Scripture

1.  All praise to God for song God gives,
    For music and a hope that lives;
    God's sacred word is so profound,
    We sing and let the truth resound.

    God gave us music, gave us voice;
    Sing alleluia and rejoice!
    We lift in faith secure and strong
    The sacred word through sacred song.

2.  The word gives both the life and light,
    And guides us through the shades of night,
    So let the music sound God's praise
    As hymns bring gladness to our days.

3.  In song let God be glorified,
    For God is able to provide 
    The music for the singers' art
    As song God places in the heart.

4.  All praise to God, whose sacred word
    Has brought good news to all who heard.
    We worship God and sing with joy,
    And instruments of praise employ.