Number: 330
Title: Deep in the Shadows of the Past
Composer: Annabeth McClelland Gay, 1952
Author: Brian Wren, 1973
Scripture: Exodus 3:13-14
Theme: Holy Scripture

1.  Deep in the shadows of the past,
    Far out from settled lands,
    Some nomads traveled with their God
    Across the desert sands.
    The dawn of hope for humankind
    Was glimpsed by them alone:
    A promise calling them ahead,
    A future yet unknown.

2.  While others bowed to changeless gods
    They met a mystery:
    God with an uncompleted name,
    "I am what I will be";
    And by their tents, around their fires,
    In story, song, and law
    They praised, remembered, handed on
    A past that promised more.

3.  From Abraham to Nazareth
    The promise changed and grew,
    While some, remembering the past,
    Recorded what they knew,
    And some, in letters or laments,
    In prophecy and praise,
    Recovered, held, and re-expressed
    New hope for changing days.

4.  For all the writings that survived,
    For leaders, long ago,
    Who sifted, chose, and then preserved
    The Bible that we know,
    Give thanks, and find its promise yet
    Our comfort, strength, and call,
    The working model for our faith,
    Alive with hope for all.