Number: 336
Title: As a Chalice Cast of Gold
Composer: Carol Doran, 1984
Author: Thomas H. Troeger, 1984
Scripture: Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  As a chalice cast of gold,
    Burnished, bright, and brimmed with wine,
    Make me, Lord, as fit to hold
    Grace and truth and love divine.
    Let my praise and worship start
    With the cleansing of my heart.

2.  Save me from the soothing sin
    Of the empty cultic deed
    And the pious, babbling din
    Of the claimed but unlived creed.
    Let my actions, Lord, express
    What my tongue and lips profess.

3.  When I bend upon my knees,
    Clasp my hands, or bow my head,
    Let my spoken, public pleas
    Be directly, simply said,
    Free of tangled words that mask
    What my soul would plainly ask.

4.  When I dance or chant Your praise,
    When I sing a psalm or hymn,
    When I preach Your loving ways,
    Let my heart add its Amen.
    Let each cherished outward rite
    Thus reflect Your inward light.