Number: 346
Title: Christ, You Are the Fullness
Composer: Korean melody Harm. Dale Grotenhuis, 1986
Author: Vers. Bert Polman, 1986
Scripture: Colossians 1:15-18 Colossians 3:1-4,15-17
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  Christ, You are the fullness of God, 
    firstborn of everything.
    For by You all things were made; 
    You hold them up.
    You are head of the church, 
    which is Your body.
    Firstborn from the dead, 
    You in all things are supreme!

2.  Since we have been raised with You, Lord, 
    help keep our hearts and minds 
    Pure and set on things that build Your rule
    o'er all the earth.
    All our life is now hidden 
    with You in God.
    When You come again,
    we will share Your glory.

3.  Help us live in peace as true members
    of Your body.
    Let Your word dwell richly in us as
    we teach and sing.
    Thanks and praise be to God 
    through You, Lord Jesus.
    In whate'er we do
    let Your name receive the praise!