Number: 349
Title: Let All Who Pray the Prayer Christ Taught
Composer: Este's Psalmes, 1592; alt.
Author: Thomas H. Troeger, 1985
Scripture: Matthew 6:9 Luke 11:2-4
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  Let all who pray the prayer Christ taught
    First clear the cluttered heart.
    Make room to breathe the living thought
    Those well-worn words impart.

2.  Dismiss the fear that this world drifts
    With no one in command.
    Your pulse and breath are signs and gifts
    From God's attentive hand.

3.  Refine and test each passing aim
    Against this final one:
    Has your life hallowed heaven's name
    And has God's will been done?

4.  Discard each vengeful hope that's fed
    The dreams of wars you'll win,
    Then freely ask for daily bread
    And pardon from your sin.

5.  Examine how temptation breeds
    Inside the mind's dark maze,
    Acknowledging that your life needs
    Deliverance from its ways.

6.  By faithful discipline prepare
    An inward holy space
    That when you offer Jesus' prayer
    Your heart may fill with grace.