Number: 352
Title: Great Are Your Mercies, O My Maker
Composer: Trans. Frank W. Price, 1953Chinese folk song Harm. W. H. Wong, 1977
Author: Tzu-chen Chao, 1931
Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  Great are Your mercies, O my Maker,
    Food and raiment You freely bestow.
    Let me praise You always, 
    Serve You all my days.
    You the spring wind, I the grass;
    On me blow!

2.  Be not so anxious, O disciples,
    What you daily eat and what you wear.
    Our Maker sees and knows
    All our wants and woes.
    Humbly let us work and trust
    God's great care.

3.  Birds of the air fly here and yonder,
    Lilies bloom, arrayed by nature thus;
    They sow not, nor reap in,
    Neither do they spin.
    Yet our Maker cares for them.
    More for us!

4.  Could Solomon in all his glory
    Match these brilliant birds and lovely flowers?
    Disciples, do not fret;
    God's love fails not yet.
    This world is made for your home,
    Yours and ours.