Number: 353
Title: Great God, Your Love Has Called Us Here
Composer: Melchior Vulpius, 1609
Author: Brian Wren, 1973
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  Great God, Your love has called us here
    As we, by love, for love were made.
    Your living likeness still we bear,
    Though marred, dishonored, disobeyed.
    We come, with all our heart and mind
    Your call to hear, Your love to find.

2.  We come with self inflicted pains
    Of broken trust and chosen wrong,
    Half-free, half-bound by inner chains,
    By social forces swept along,
    By powers and systems close confined
    Yet seeking hope for humankind.

3.  Great God, in Christ You call our name
    And then receive us as Your own
    Not through some merit, right, or claim
    But by Your gracious love alone.
    We strain to glimpse Your mercy seat
    And find You kneeling at our feet.

4.  Then take the towel, and break the bread,
    And humble us, and call us friends.
    Suffer and serve till all are fed
    And show how grandly love intends
    To work till all creation sings,
    To fill all worlds, to crown all things.

5.  Great God, in Christ You set us free
    Your life to live, Your joy to share.
    Give us Your Spirit's liberty
    To turn from guilt and dull despair
    And offer all that faith can do
    While love is making all things new.