Number: 373
Title: Kahm Kahm hahn Bom Sanaoon / Lonely the Boat
Composer: Transliteration: Samuel Yun, 1989 Trans. Hae Johg Kim (b. 1935) Vers. Hope C. Kawashima, 1987Dong Hoon Lee, 1967
Author: Helen Kim, 1927
Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27 Mark 4:35-41 Luke 8:22-25
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  Lonely the boat, sailing at sea, tossed on a cold, stormy
    Cruel the sea which seemed so wide, with waves so high.
    This single ship sailed the deep sea, straight into the gale;
    O Lord, great is the peril, dangers do all assail.

2.  Strong winds arose in all their rage, tossing the tiny lone
    Waves billowing high, tossing the boat, lost and afloat.
    The sailor stood all alone, wondering what to do;
    O Lord, so helpless was he, wondering what to do.

3.  Trembling with fear, deep in despair, looking for help all
    The sailor saw light from above. "Help can be found;
    My God is here in my small boat, standing by my side;
    O I trust in the Savior; now in my life abide.

4.  "Pleading for Your mercy, O Lord, even a sinner like me;
    Command, O Lord, calm to the sea, as in Galilee!
    Please save my life from all danger, grant a peaceful life;
    O please be merciful, Lord, in times of calm and strife.

5.  "Storms in our lives, cruel and cold, surely will arise again,
    Threatening lives, threatening us on life's wild sea.
    Powerful and great, God's hand is there, firmly in control.
    O Lord, calm peace comes from You, peace comes to my lone soul."

1.  Kahm Kahm hahn bom Sanaoon param buool thae
    Mahnkyung changpa mahngmahng hahn pada eh
    Oe ro un bae hahn chuchi thuhna ga ni
    Ahwe tae ha koo nah wetae ha koo nah.

2.  Pee pah rah mee moosup keh mola chikoh
    Gue nol lan mool keu eun padoh yee il tae eh
    Juh bat sa kong uhzul jool mola hah nee
    Ohka ryun ha koo na karyun ha koo na.

3.  Jeul mahng joong eh keuhsa kong thuh ul myon seueu do
    Hahn jool ki ae par al keun bit poko suh
    Pae ahn eh do Hah Nah Nim Kehshim mit koh
    Ohki do all lin dah ki do all lin dah.

4.  Ah buh jee yuh yee geoi yin koopuh posah
    Sung nahn poong rahng jahan jahn keh hahshigo
    Yee pool ssang hahn yinsang eul sahli so suh
    Ohwoo ree Hah Nah Nim wooree Hah Nah Nim.

5.  Mo jin pah ram tdoh hum hahn keunmool kyuli
    Jeh ah moo ree sungnae uh duh up chuh do
    Kwon neung eh sohn keuhno reul juheu si nee
    Ohmar keun pa da rah markeun pa da rah.