Number: 381
Title: O Come Unto the Lord
Composer: Trans. Steve S. Shim, 1976; alt. 1989Chai Hoon Park, 1943
Author: Young taik Chun, 1943
Theme: Life in Christ

    O come unto the Lord, 
    O come back to the Lord;

1.  No matter how heavy
    And how great your sins may be,
    There are no sins that Christ our Savior
    Cannot bear, cannot accept.
    The great depth of Jesus' loving heart
    Is far deeper than the seas.

2.  Our Savior is waiting 
    Your return both night and day:
    Jesus anxiously awaits you,
    With doors kept open wide,
    As One who waits throughout the night
    For a lost child to come back home.

3.  No matter how burdened 
    And how beaten you may be,
    The Lord will comfort you greatly,
    With hands that touch and heal.
    Come unto Christ, who loves you so.
    Please come home, please come back home.