Number: 385
Title: O God, We Bear the Imprint of Your Face
Composer: Melody and bass: Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) Harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906 As in The English Hymnal, 1906
Author: Shirley Erena Murray, 1987
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  O God, we bear the imprint of Your face:
    The colors of our skin are Your design,
    And what we have of beauty in our race
    As man or woman, You alone define,
    Who stretched a living fabric on our frame
    And gave to each a language and a name.

2.  Where we are torn and pulled apart by hate
    Because our race, our skin is not the same;
    While we are judged unequal by the state
    And victims made because we own our name,
    Humanity reduced to little worth,
    Dishonored is Your living face on earth.

3.  O God, we share the image of Your Son
    Whose flesh and blood are ours, whatever skin,
    In His humanity we find our own,
    And in His family our proper kin:
    Christ is the brother we still crucify,
    His love the language we must learn, or die.