Number: 401
Title: When Will People Cease Their Fighting?
Composer: C. Hubert H. Parry, 1897
Author: Constance Cherry, 1986
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  When will people cease their fighting?
    When will armies wage no war,
    Nations conquer not their neighbor,
    Weapons idle, used no more?
    When will guns and bombs be silent?
    When will captives be set free?
    All creation groans in longing
    For the world's true liberty.

2.  Floods and earthquakes, drought and famine
    Plague the world with awesome ill,
    But far greater is war's horror
    Caused by human, stubborn will.
    Blest are those who, working, praying,
    Purpose in their hearts to be 
    Instruments of peace, committed
    To the nations' harmony.

3.  As we strive for peace with vigor,
    Hoping to be shown the way,
    We are strengthened in the knowledge
    Of a future, perfect day;
    For we know that deeper, richer
    Peace is ours when Christ shall reign:
    Then will all our swords be plowshares
    And God's children free from pain.