Number: 406
Title: Why Has God Forsaken Me?
Composer: Taihei Sato, 1981
Author: Bill Wallace, 1980
Scripture: Psalm 22:1 Matthew 27:46 Luke 23:46 John 11:35
Theme: Life in Christ

1.  "Why has God forsaken me?"
    Cried our Savior from the cross
    As He shared the loneliness
    Of our deepest grief and loss.

2.  At the tomb of Lazarus
    Jesus wept with open grief:
    Grant us, Lord, the tears which heal
    All our pain and unbelief.

3.  As His life expired, our Lord
    Placed Himself within God's care:
    At our dying, Lord, may we 
    Trust the love which conquers fear.

4.  Mystery shrouds our life and death
    But we need not be afraid,
    For the mystery's heart is love,
    God's great love which Christ displayed.