Number: 412
Title: Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds
Composer: English folk melody Arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906
Author: Henry Hallam Tweedy, 1929
Scripture: Psalm 90:2 Isaiah 11:9
Theme: Church

1.  Eternal God, whose power upholds
    Both flower and flaming star,
    To whom there is no here nor there,
    No time, no near nor far,
    No alien race, no foreign shore,
    No child unsought, unknown:
    O send us forth, Thy prophets true,
    To make all lands Thine own!

2.  O God of love, whose Spirit wakes
    In every human breast,
    Whom love, and love alone, can know,
    In whom all hearts find rest:
    Help us to spread Thy gracious reign
    Till greed and hate shall cease,
    And kindness dwell in human hearts,
    And all the earth find peace!

3.  O God of truth, whom science seeks
    And reverent souls adore,
    Who lightest every earnest mind
    Of every clime and shore:
    Dispel the gloom of error's night,
    Of ignorance and fear,
    Until true wisdom from above
    Shall make life's pathway clear!

4.  O God of beauty, oft revealed
    In dreams of human art,
    In speech that flows to melody,
    In holiness of heart:
    Teach us to turn from sinfulness
    That shuts our hearts to Thee,
    Till all shall know the loveliness
    Of lives made fair and free!

5.  O God of righteousness and grace,
    Seen in the Christ, Thy Son,
    Whose life and death reveal Thy face,
    By whom Thy will was done:
    Inspire Thy heralds of good news
    To live Thy life divine,
    Till Christ is formed in every heart,
    And every land is Thine!