Number: 418
Title: God, Bless Your Church with Strength!
Composer: Attr. Johann Sebastian Bach, 1736
Author: John A. Dalles, 1984
Scripture: John 15:1-5
Theme: Church

1.  God, bless Your church with strength!
    Wherever we may be,
    Upbuild Your servants as we work
    In common ministry.
    Urge us from fledgling faith
    To venture and to soar
    Through open skies, to sing the praise
    Of Christ whom we adore.

2.  God, bless Your church with life!
    May all our branches thrive,
    Unblemished, wholesome, bearing fruit,
    Abundantly alive.
    From You, one holy vine,
    In freedom may we grow;
    Sustain us in our mission, Lord,
    Your love and peace to show.

3.  God, bless Your church with hope!
    Despite chaotic days,
    May we in chaos shine to light
    A pathway through life's maze.
    May justice be our aim,
    And kindness ours to share,
    In humbleness O may we walk,
    Assured our God is there!