Number: 421
Title: The Church of Christ in Every Age
Composer: William Knapp, 1738
Author: Fred Pratt Green, 1969
Theme: Church

1.  The church of Christ in every age,
    Beset by change but Spirit led,
    Must claim and test its heritage
    And keep on rising from the dead.

2.  Across the world, across the street,
    The victims of injustice cry
    For shelter and for bread to eat,
    And never live until they die.

3.  Then let the servant church arise,
    A caring church that longs to be 
    A partner in Christ's sacrifice,
    And clothed in Christ's humanity.

4.  For Christ alone, whose blood was shed,
    Can cure the fever in our blood,
    And teach us how to share our bread
    And feed the starving multitude.

5.  We have no mission but to serve
    In full obedience to our Lord:
    To care for all, without reserve,
    And spread Christ's liberating word.