Number: 422
Title: God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending
Composer: The Sacred Harp, 1844 Harm. James H. Wood, 1958
Author: Robert L. Edwards, 1961
Scripture: Matthew 28:19-20
Theme: Church

1.  God, whose giving knows no ending,
    From Your rich and endless store, 
    Nature's wonder, Jesus' wisdom,
    Costly cross, grave's shattered door:
    Gifted by You, we turn to You,
    Offering up ourselves in praise;
    Thankful song shall rise forever,
    Gracious donor of our days.

2.  Skills and time are ours for pressing
    Toward the goals of Christ, Your Son:
    All at peace in health and freedom,
    Races joined, the church made one.
    Now direct our daily labor,
    Lest we strive for self alone;
    Born with talents, make us servants
    Fit to answer at Your throne.

3.  Treasure too You have entrusted,
    Gain through powers Your grace conferred;
    Ours to use for home and kindred,
    And to spread the gospel Word.
    Open wide our hands, in sharing,
    As we heed Christ's ageless call,
    Healing, teaching, and reclaiming,
    Serving You by loving all.