Number: 424
Title: O Jesus Christ, May Greatful Hymns Be Rising
Composer: David Evans, 1927
Author: Bradford Gray Webster, 1954
Scripture: Matthew 23:37 Luke 13:34
Theme: Church

1.  O Jesus Christ, may grateful hymns be rising,
    In every city for Your love and care;
    Inspire our worship, grant the glad surprising
    That Your blest Spirit rouses everywhere.

2.  Grant us new courage, sacrificial, humble,
    Strong in Your strength to venture and to dare;
    To lift the fallen, guide the feet that stumble,
    Seek out the lonely and God's mercy share.

3.  Show us Your Spirit, brooding o'er each city,
    As You once wept above Jerusalem,
    Seeking to gather all in love and pity,
    And healing those who touch Your garment's hem.