Number: 425
Title: Lord of Light, Your Name Outshining
Composer: alt. Cyril Vincent Taylor, 1941
Author: Howell Elvet Lewis, 1916;
Scripture: Matthew 6:10
Theme: Church

1.  Lord of light, Your name outshining
    All the stars and suns of space,
    Use our talents in Your kingdom
    As the servants of Your grace;
    Use us to fulfill Your purpose
    In the gift of Christ Your Son:

    Abba, as in highest heaven,
    So on earth Your will be done.

2.  By the toil of faithful workers
    In some far outlying field,
    By the courage where the radiance
    Of the cross is still revealed,
    By the victories of meekness,
    Through reproach and suffering won:

3.  Grant that knowledge, still increasing,
    At Your feet may lowly kneel;
    With Your grace our triumphs hallow,
    With Your charity our zeal;
    Lift the nations from the shadows
    To the gladness of the sun:

4.  By the prayers of faithful watchers,
    Never silent day or night;
    By the cross of Jesus, bringing
    Peace to all and healing light;
    By the love that passes knowledge,
    Making all Your children one: