Number: 431
Title: O Lord, You Gave Your Servant John
Composer: Irish melody Adapt. Charles Villiers Stanford, 1902
Author: Joy F. Patterson, 1988
Scripture: Revelation 21 Revelation 22
Theme: Church

1.  O Lord, You gave Your servant John
    A vision of the world to come:
    A radiant city filled with light,
    Where You with us will make Your home;
    Where neither grief nor pain shall dwell, 
    Since former things have passed away,
    And where they need no sun nor moon;
    Your glory lights eternal day.

2.  Our cities, Lord, wear shrouds of pain;
    Beneath our gleaming towers of wealth
    The homeless crouch in rain and snow,
    The poor cry out for strength and health.
    Youth's hope is dimmed by ignorance;
    Unwilling, workers idled stand;
    Indifference walks unheeding by
    As hunger stretches out its hand.

3.  Come, Lord, make real John's vision fair;
    Come, dwell with us, make all things new;
    We try in vain to save our world
    Unless our help shall come from You.
    Come, strengthen us to live in love;
    Bid hatred, greed, injustice cease.
    Your glory all the light we need,
    Let all our cities shine forth peace.