Number: 434
Title: Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples
Composer: English Country Songs, 1893 Arr. And Harm. Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906
Author: H. Kenn Carmichael, 1985
Scripture: Genesis 2:15 Isaiah 2:4 Amos 5:24 Micah 4:3
Theme: Church

1.  Today we all are called to be 
    Disciples of the Lord,
    To help to set the captive free,
    Make plowshare out of sword,
    To feed the hungry, quench their thirst,
    Make love and peace our fast,
    To serve the poor and homeless first,
    Our ease and comfort last.

2.  God made the world and at its birth
    Ordained our human race
    To live as stewards of the earth,
    Responding to God's grace.
    But we are vain and sadly proud,
    We sow not peace but strife,
    Our discord spreads a deadly cloud
    That threatens all of life.

3.  Pray justice may come rolling down
    As in a mighty stream,
    With righteousness in field and town
    To cleanse us and redeem.
    For God is longing to restore
    An earth where conflicts cease,
    A world that was created for 
    A harmony of peace.

4.  May we in service to our God
    Act out the living Word,
    And walk the road the saints have trod
    Till all have seen and heard.
    As stewards of the earth may we
    Give thanks in one accord
    To God who calls us all to be 
    Disciples of the Lord.