Number: 452
Title: O Day of God, Draw Night
Composer: , 1939; alt. 1972Genevan Psalter, 1551 Adapt. William Crotch, 1836
Author: Robert B.Y.Scott, 1937
Scripture: Genesis 1:3 Psalms 105:7
Theme: Church

1.  O day of God, draw nigh
    In beauty and in power,
    Come with your timeless judgment now
    To match our present hour.

2.  Bring to our troubled minds,
    Uncertain and afraid,
    The quiet of a steadfast faith,
    Calm of a call obeyed.

3.  Bring justice to our land, 
    That all may dwell secure,
    And finely build for days to come
    Foundations that endure.

4.  Bring to our world of strife
    Your sovereign word of peace,
    That war may haunt the earth no more
    And desolation cease.

5.  O day of God, draw nigh
    As at creation's birth;
    Let there be light again, and set
    Your judgments in the earth.