Number: 474
Title: O Splendor of God's Glory Bright
Composer: Trier ms., 15th century Adapt. Michael Praetorius, 1609 Harm. George Ratcliffe Woodward, 1902
Author: Ambrose of Milan, c. 374 Trans. Composite, Rejoice in the Lord, 1985
Scripture: Hebrews 1:3
Theme: Morning and Opening Hymns

1.  O splendor of God's glory bright,
    From light eternal bringing light;
    Thou light of life, light's living spring,
    True day, all days illumining:

2.  Come, Holy Sun of heavenly love,
    Shower down Thy radiance from above,
    And to our inward hearts convey
    The Holy Spirit's cloudless ray.

3.  O joyful be the passing day
    With thoughts as clear as morning's ray,
    With faith like noontide shining bright,
    Our souls unshadowed by the night.

4.  O Lord, with each returning morn
    Thine image to our hearts is born;
    O may we ever clearly see
    Our Savior and our God in Thee!