Number: 475
Title: O That I Had Thousands Voices
Composer: Trans. The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941; alt.Attr. Johann Balthasar Konig, 1738 Harmonischer Liederschatz, 1738
Author: Johann Mentzer, 1704
Theme: Morning and Opening Hymns

1.  O that I had a thousand voices
    To praise my God with thousand tongues!
    My heart, which in the Lord rejoices,
    Would then proclaim in grateful songs
    To all, wherever I might be,
    What great things God has done for me!

2.  O all you powers that God implanted,
    Arise, keep silence now no more;
    Put forth the strength that God has granted!
    Your noblest work is to adore!
    O soul and body, join to raise
    With heartfelt joy our Maker's praise!

3.  You forest leaves so green and tender
    That dance for joy in summer air,
    You meadow grasses, bright and slender,
    You flowers so fragrant and so fair,
    You live to show God's praise alone.
    Join me to make God's glory known!

4.  All creatures that have breath and motion,
    That throng the earth, the sea, the sky,
    Come, share with me my heart's devotion,
    Help me to sing God's praises high!
    My utmost powers can never quite 
    Declare the wonders of God's might!