Number: 480
Title: Praise Our God Above
Composer: Trans. Frank W. Price, 1953Confucian chant Harm. W. H. Wong, 1973
Author: Chinese hymn Tzu-chen Chao, 1931
Scripture: Acts 14:17
Theme: Morning and Opening Hymns

1.  Praise our God above,
    Source of boundless love:
    Spring wind, summer rain,
    Then the harvest grain;
    Pearly rice and corn,
    Fragrant autumn morn.
    Though our work is hard,
    God gives us reward.

2.  God's care like a cloak
    Wraps us country folk,
    Makes all green things grow,
    Ripens what we sow.
    Through God we are strong;
    Sing our harvest song.
    Sing praise, field and flower,
    Praise God's mighty power.