Number: 488
Title: The God of Abraham Praise
Composer: Trans. Max Landsberg and Newton Mann, 1885; alt.Hebrew melody Adapt. Thomas Olivers and Meyer Lyon, 1770
Author: Daniel ben Judah, 1404
Scripture: Exodus 3:6
Theme: Morning and Opening Hymns

1.  The God of Abraham praise,
    Who reigns enthroned above;
    The ancient of eternal days,
    The God of love!
    The Lord, the great I Am,
    By earth and heaven confessed,
    We bow before Your holy name,
    Forever blest.

2.  Your spirit still flows free,
    High surging where it will;
    In prophet's word You spoke of old
    And You speak still.
    Established is Your law,
    And changeless it shall stand,
    Deep writ upon the human heart,
    On sea, or land.

3.  You have eternal life
    Implanted in the soul;
    Your love shall be our strength and stay,
    While ages roll.
    We praise You, living God!
    We praise Your holy name;
    The first, the last, beyond all thought,
    And still the same!