Number: 497
Title: With Grateful Hearts Our Faith Professing
Author: Fred Kaan, c. 1963; alt.Clement Cottewill Scholefield, 1874
Theme: Sacraments and Ordinances

1.  With grateful hearts our faith professing,
    We ask You, Lord, come to our aid,
    That we, our common faith confessing,
    May keep the vows that we have made.

2.  We know that in Your true providing
    The young and old to Christ belong;
    Lord, help us to be wise in guiding,
    And make us in example strong.

3.  Give to the parents love and patience,
    Each home with Christian graces fill.
    Protect our children in temptations,
    And keep them safe in childhood's ill.

4.  Accept, O Lord, our dedication
    To fill with love the growing mind,
    That in this church and congregation
    The young a faith for life may find.