Number: 512
Title: Living Word of God Eternal
Composer: Neuvermehrtes Meiningisches Gesangbuch, 1693
Author: Jeffery Rowthorn, 1983
Theme: Sacraments and Ordinances

1.  Living Word of God eternal,
    Laying claim to every age,
    Jesus, speak through all our speaking,
    Bring to life the Bible's page;
    Let Your gospel, heard and heeded,
    Set our course of pilgrimage.

2.  Loving Savior, whose embraces
    Our true selves alone unmask,
    In this fellowship's small compass
    Train us for our common task:
    By our love to grow more like You
    And to dare what You will ask.

3.  Living Bread come down from heaven,
    Broken, shared, distributed,
    Feed us, gathered at this table,
    With Your grace unlimited,
    And as servants then employ us 
    Till this hungry world is fed.

4.  Loving Spirit, praying in us,
    Giving voice to all our sighs,
    Show the wideness of Your mercy
    To deaf ears and blinded eyes;
    Free our tongues to come before You
    With our neighbors' joys and cries.

5.  May Your Word among us spoken,
    May the loving which we dare,
    May Your Bread among us broken,
    May the prayers in which we share 
    Daily make us faithful people,
    Living signs, Lord, of Your care.