Number: 517
Title: We Come as Guests Invited
Composer: Johann Steurlein, 1575
Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith, 1975
Theme: Sacraments and Ordinances

1.  We come as guests invited
    When Jesus bids us dine,
    His friends on earth united
    To share the bread and wine;
    The bread of life is broken,
    The wine is freely poured
    For us, in solemn token
    Of Christ our dying Lord.

2.  We eat and drink, receiving
    From Christ the grace we need,
    And in our hearts believing
    On Him by faith we feed;
    With wonder and thanksgiving
    For love that knows no end,
    We find in Jesus living
    Our ever-present Friend.

3.  One bread is ours for sharing,
    One single fruitful vine,
    Our fellowship declaring
    Renewed in bread and wine:
    Renewed, sustained, and given
    By token, sign, and word,
    The pledge and seal of heaven,
    The love of Christ our Lord.