Number: 522
Title: Lord, When I Came Into This Life
Composer: American folk melody Arr. Annabel Morris Buchanan, 1938
Author: Fred Kaan, 1976
Theme: Sacraments and Ordinances

1.  Lord, when I came into this life
    You called me by my name;
    Today I come, commit myself,
    Responding to Your claim.

2.  Within the circle of the faith
    As member of Your cast,
    I take my place with all the saints
    Of future, present, past.

3.  In all the tensions of my life,
    Between my faith and doubt,
    Let Your great Spirit give me hope,
    Sustain me, lead me out.

4.  So, help me in my unbelief
    And let my life be true:
    Feet firmly planted on the earth,
    My sights set high on You.