Number: 531
Title: Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels
Composer: Peter Cutts, 1969
Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith, 1985
Scripture: I Corinthians 13
Theme: Sacraments and Ordinances

1.  Not for tongues of heaven's angels,
    Not for wisdom to discern,
    Not for faith that masters mountains;
    For this better gift we yearn:
    May love be ours, O Lord.

2.  Love is humble, love is gentle,
    Love is tender, true, and kind;
    Love is gracious, ever-patient,
    Generous of heart and mind:
    May love be ours, O Lord.

3.  Never jealous, never selfish,
    Love will not rejoice in wrong;
    Never boastful nor resentful,
    Love believes and suffers long:
    May love be ours, O Lord.

4.  In the day this world is fading
    Faith and hope will play their part;
    But when Christ is seen in glory
    Love shall reign in every heart:
    May love be ours, O Lord.