Number: 538
Title: Lord Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing
Composer: Stanza 1, line 6, alt. 1774, Conyer's Collection of Psalms Stanza 3 alt. Godfrey Thring 1823-1903)Sicilian melody
Author: Attr. John Fawcett, 1773
Scripture: Psalm 3:8
Theme: Closing Hymns

1.  Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing;
    Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
    Let us each, Thy love possessing,
    Triumph in redeeming grace.
    O refresh us,
    O refresh us,
    Traveling through this wilderness.

2.  Thanks we give and adoration
    For Thy gospel's joyful sound;
    May the fruits of Thy salvation
    In our hearts and lives abound.
    Ever faithful,
    Ever faithful
    To the truth may we be found;

3.  So that when Thy love shall call us,
    Savior, from the world away,
    Let no fear of death appall us,
    Glad Thy summons to obey.
    May we ever, 
    May we ever
    Reign with Thee in endless day.