Number: 547
Title: Awit Sa Dapit Hapon / When Twilight Comes
Composer: Unknown
Author: Unknown
Theme: Evening Hymns

1.  When twilight comes and the sun sets,
    mother hen prepares for night's rest.
    As her brood shelters under her wings
    she gives the love of God to her nest.
    Oh! what joy to feel her warm heart beat
    and be near her all night long;
    so the young can find repose, 
    then renew tomorrow's song.

2.  One day the Rabbi Lord Jesus
    called the Twelve to share His last meal.
    As the hen tends her young, so for them
    He spent Himself to seek and to heal.
    Oh! what joy to be with Christ Jesus,
    hear His voice, Oh! sheer delight,
    and receive His servant care: 
    all before the coming night.

3.  So gather round once again, friends,
    touched by fading glow of sun's gold,
    and recount all our frail human hopes:
    the dreams of young and stories of old.
    Oh! what joy to pray close together,
    kneeling as one family,
    by a mother's love embraced 
    in the blessed Trinity.

1.  Ngayong nagdadapit hapon 
    at lumulubog ang araw
    humahapon ang inahin 
    at ang kanyang manga inakay
    tinitipon upang magsalo 
    sa alab ng pagmamahal
    sa paglukob ng pakpak 
    ng mapagpalang kamay.

2.  Noon din ay dapit hapon 
    at nagwawakas ang araw
    naghapunan ang guro at 
    pati kan yang manga ilagad
    nagtipon sila at nagsalo 
    sa tinapay at sa alak
    sa piging ng buhay n'yang 
    inialay sa lahat.

3.  Ngayong nagdadapit hapon
    at lumulubog ang araw
    ang manga magulang at ang
    manga anak ay naghahapunan
    nagtitipon at nagsasalo
    sa ligaya't pagdiriwang
    sa Ama't Anak na Diyos,
    Diyos Espiritung Banal.