Number: 548
Title: O Radiant Light, O Sun Divine
Composer: Handbell intonations by Kenneth E. Williams, 1986
Author: Phos Hilaron, 3rd century Trans. William G. Storey, c. 1970Sarum plainsong, Mode IV, 9th century Harm. C. Winfred Douglas, 1943
Theme: Evening Hymns

1.  O radiant Light, O Sun divine,
    Of God the Father's deathless face, 
    O image of the Light sublime,
    That fills the heavenly dwelling place,

2.  O Son of God, the source of life,
    Praise is Your due by night and day.
    Our happy lips must raise the strain
    Of Your esteemed and splendid name.

3.  Lord Jesus Christ, as daylight fades,
    As shine the lights of eventide,
    We praise the Father with the Son,
    The Spirit blest and with them one.