Number: 549
Title: O Gladsome Light
Composer: alt. Genevan Psalter, 1551 Harm. Claude Goudimel, 1565
Author: Phos Hilaron, 3rd century Para. Robert Seymour Bridges, 1899;
Scripture: John 1:9
Theme: Evening Hymns

1.  O gladsome light, O grace
    Of our Creator's face,
    The eternal splendor wearing:
    Celestial, holy, blest, 
    Our Savior Jesus Christ,
    Joyful in Your appearing.

2.  As fades the day's last light,
    We see the lamps of night
    Our common hymn outpouring;
    O God of might unknown,
    You, the incarnate Son,
    And Spirit blest adoring.

3.  To You of right belongs
    All praise of holy songs,
    O Son of God, Life-giver;
    You, therefore, O Most High,
    The world does glorify
    And shall exalt forever.