Number: 55
Title: That Boy-Child of Mary
Composer: Malawi melody Adapt. Tom Colvin, 1967
Author: Tom Colvin, 1967
Theme: Christmas

    That boy-child of Mary was born in a stable,
    A manger His cradle in Bethlehem.

1.  What shall we call Him, child of the manger?
    What name is given in Bethlehem?

2.  His name is Jesu, God ever with us,
    God given for us, in Bethlehem.

3.  How can He save us, how can He help us,
    Born here among us, in Bethlehem?

4.  Gift of the Father, to human mother,
    Makes Him our brother of Bethlehem.

5.  One with the Father, He is our Savior,
    Heaven-sent Helper of Bethlehem

6.  Gladly we praise Him, love and adore Him,
    Give ourselves to Him, of Bethlehem.