Number: 552
Title: Give Thanks, O Christian People
Composer: Memmingen ms., 17th century Harm. George Ratcliffe Woodward, 1904
Author: Mary Jackson Cathey, 1984
Theme: Thanksgiving Hymns

1.  Give thanks, O Christian people,
    For workers of our day
    Who heed the call to service
    And make it their life's way
    To go to feed the hungry,
    To tend to those in need,
    To work for equal justice,
    Till all God's folk are freed.

2.  Give thanks, O Christian people,
    For leaders of our years
    Who live to share with others
    Our joy when Christ appears,
    To teach the ones who seek light,
    To guide the faltering feet,
    To lead the followers forward
    Our living Lord to meet.

3.  Give thanks, O Christian people,
    For all who love the Lord,
    Who live each day believing
    In God's eternal Word:
    To share Christ's love in living,
    To witness with each deed,
    To use the talents given
    To plant the gospel seed.

4.  Give thanks, O Christian people,
    For life in fellowship
    With all who trust our Savior
    Their serving to equip
    To ease another's burdens,
    To cope in joy and stress,
    To magnify God's message
    And Christ's great love confess.