Number: 556
Title: The World Abounds with God's Free Grace
Composer: Unknown
Author: Unknown
Scripture: Psalm 136:1-9
Theme: Thanksgiving Hymns

1.  The world abounds with God's free grace;
    What wonders bless the land!
    And on through boundless starry space,
    God's matchless works expand.

    Lord, teach us all an attitude 
    that thanks You all our days,
    A love that shows our gratitude 
    through deeds that live our praise.

2.  Give thanks for plains and valleys spaced
    By mountains thrusting high;
    Give thanks by fighting greed and waste
    That drain their treasures dry.

3.  In full thanksgiving for God's love,
    From which earth's blessings flow,
    Protect the precious air above,
    The waters spread below.

4.  Give thanks in hope, rejoice, repent,
    And practice all you prayed;
    True thanks can never be content
    To foul the world God made.