Number: 600
Title: Song of Mary
Composer: Unknown
Author: Unknown
Scripture: Luke 1:46-55
Theme: Service Music

1.  My soul gives glory to my God,
    My heart pours out its praise.
    God lifted up my lowliness
    In many marvelous ways.

2.  My God has done great things for me:
    Yes, holy is this Name.
    All people will declare me blessed,
    And blessings they shall claim.

3.  From age to age to all who fear,
    Such mercy love imparts,
    Dispensing justice far and near,
    Dismissing selfish hearts.

4.  Love casts the mighty from their thrones,
    Promotes the insecure,
    Leaves hungry spirits satisfied;
    The rich seem suddenly poor.

5.  Praise God, whose loving covenant
    Supports those in distress,
    Remembering past promises
    With present faithfulness.