Number: 62
Title: Bring We The Frankincense of Our Love
Composer: H. Kenn Carmichael, 1976 Arr. Clayton D. Lein, 1796, and John Weaver, 1989
Author: H. Kenn Carmichael, 1976
Scripture: Matthew 2:11
Theme: Epiphany

1.  Bring we the frankincense of our love
    To the feet of the holy Child,
    Ever remembering God's great gift
    Of a love that is undefiled.

    Holy the Infant and holy the mother
    And holy and precious the gifts that we bring;
    Praise to the Father and praise to the Spirit
    And praise to Christ Jesus our King.

2.  Bring we the myrrh of humility 
    To the throne of the Son of God,
    Ever recalling the purity 
    Of His life when the earth He trod.

3.  Ever secure in His changelessness, 
    Though the kingdoms of earth may fall,
    Bring we the gold of our faithfulness
    To the King who is Lord of all.