Number: 70
Title: Christ, When for Us You Were Baptized
Composer: alt. 1982Scottish Psalter, 1635 Harm. The English Hymnal, 1906
Author: F. Bland Tucker, 1979;
Theme: Baptism of the Lord

1.  Christ, when for us You were baptized,
    God's Spirit on You came,
    As peaceful as a dove and yet
    As urgent as a flame.

2.  God called You "My beloved Son,"
    The suffering servant true,
    Sent You the kingdom to proclaim,
    God's holy will to do.

3.  Straight-way and steadfast until death
    You then obeyed God's call
    Freely as Son of Man to serve
    And give Your life for all.

4.  Baptize us with Your Spirit, Lord,
    Your cross on us be signed,
    That, likewise in God's service, we
    May perfect freedom find.