Number: 71
Title: Lord, When You Came to Jordan
Composer: Genevan Psalter, 1542
Author: Brian Wren, 1979
Scripture: Matthew 3:13-17 Mark 1:9-11 Mark 3:21-22
Theme: Baptism of the Lord

1.  Lord, when You came to Jordan
    And asked to be baptized, 
    What was Your vow and vision
    Of love and sacrifice?
    Was there a sudden splendor
    Of prophets, priests, and kings,
    A wind that stirred the waters,
    A blur of mighty wings?

2.  Was this God's crowning moment
    Of all You had become,
    The Spirit's power and blessing:
    "Go now, You are My Son"?
    Did scripture join with scripture
    In words of sharp surprise:
    "The Lord's Messiah shall conquer,
    Rejected and despised"?

3.  Faith rests content with questions 
    Of when and why and how,
    But craves the gift of seeing
    What God is doing now.
    Lord, bring us to our Jordan
    Of newly opened eyes,
    Through love, immersed in living,
    As You were once baptized.