Number: 72
Title: When Jesus Came To Jordan
Composer: Frederik August Mehrtens (1922-1975)
Author: Fred Pratt Green, 1973
Scripture: Matthew 3:13-16
Theme: Baptism of the Lord

1.  When Jesus came to Jordan
    To be baptized by John,
    He did not come for pardon,
    But as God's Holy One.

2.  He came to share repentance
    With all who mourn their sins,
    To speak the vital sentence
    With which good news begins.

3.  He came to share temptation,
    Our utmost woe and loss;
    For us and our salvation
    To die upon the cross.

4.  So when the dove descended
    On him, the Holy One,
    The hidden years had ended,
    The age of grace begun.