Number: 74
Title: Jesus on the Mountain Peak
Composer: , 1988Cyril Vincent Taylor, b. 1907
Author: Brian Wren, 1962
Scripture: Matthew 17:2 Mark 9:2
Theme: Transfiguration of the Lord

1.  Jesus on the mountain peak
    Stands alone in glory blazing;
    Let us, if we dare to speak,
    Join the saints and angels praising.

2.  Trembling at His feet we saw
    Moses and Elijah speaking.
    All the prophets and the law
    Shout through them their joyful greeting:

3.  Swift the cloud of glory came,
    God proclaiming, in its thunder,
    Jesus as the Son by name!
    Nations, cry aloud in wonder:

4.  This is God's beloved Son!
    Law and prophets sing before Him,
    First and last and only One.
    All creation shall adore Him!