Number: 81
Title: Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
Composer: alt.Day's Psalter, 1562
Author: Claudia F. I. Hernaman, 1873;
Scripture: Matthew 4:1-11 Mark 1:12-13 Luke 4:1-13
Theme: Lent

1.  Lord, who throughout these forty days
    For us didst fast and pray, 
    Teach us with Thee to mourn our sins,
    And close by Thee to stay.

2.  As Thou with Satan didst contend,
    And didst the victory win,
    O give us strength in Thee to fight,
    In Thee to conquer sin.

3.  And through these days of penitence,
    And through Thy Passiontide,
    Yea, evermore, in life and death,
    O Lord, with us abide.

4.  Abide with us, that so, this life 
    Of suffering over-past,
    An Easter of unending joy
    We may attain at last!