Composer: John Michael Talbot
Arranger: Lennie Niehaus
Publisher: Birdwing Music/Cherry Lan Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Scripture Allusion: Matthew 5
Voicing: SATB
Pages: 11
Copies: 27
Publish Date: 1980


A multitude followed a man, a prophet, who spoke words of wisdom
And they listened trying to understand the paradox of His great truth.

Blessed by those who are poor for you shall inherit the kingdom
And blessed be those who are weak for you shall inherit great strength.
Blessed be those who are children for you shall be counted as wise.
And blessed be the blindman for you shall see with new eyes.

Behold now the Kingdom, See with new eyes.
Bessed be those of compassion for you shall inherit compassion.
And blessed be those who forgive, for you shall be forgiven.
You shall receive consolation only in reaching to give.
And only in dying for others can you be reborn to live.