Composer: Gustav Holst
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Voicing: SATB
Pages: 2
Copies: 27
Publish Date: 1919


Lullay my liking, my dear Son, my sweeting;
Lullay my dear Heart, mine own dear Darling.

I saw a fair maiden sitten and sing:
She lulled a little child, A sweet Lording.

That Eternal Lord is He That made all thing;
Of all Lords His is Lord, Of every King He's King.

There was mickle melody At that childs birth:
Though the songsters were heavenly They made mickle mirth.

Angel's bright they sang that night and saiden to that Child
"Blessed by Thou and so be she That is so meek and mild."

Pray we no to that Child As to His Mother dear,
God grant them all His blessing That now maken cheer.