The goal of this application is to provide a web-based application to assist collaborative worship planning. It was developed for use at a Presbyterian Church (USA), but has been adapted to include resources for the United Methodist Church as well.

The application is centered around organizing the weekly Sunday worship service. It provides the following features:

The system has been written primarily in PHP, with some utilities written in Python. The static data will be stored in XML files and dymanic data in a MariaDB SQL database.

The Geneva Methodist Church is an example church currently using this technology to provide an online bulletin for Sunday services.

Introduction to Singing in a Church Choir

Introduction to Singing in a Church Choir

Back in 2010, I directed a small choir in a Presbyterian church in Orlando, FL. I was asked to provide this material again for other church choir directors who might want to use it with their own choirs. This is being made available under the Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike license.