The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs


God Is One, Unique and Holy

1.  God is One, unique and holy,
    Endless dance of love and light;
    Only source of mind and body,
    Star-cloud, atom, day and night:
    Everything that is or could be
    Tells God's anguish and delight.

2.  God is Oneness by communion,
    Never single or alone;
    All togetherness, including
    Friendship, family, and home,
    Common mind and shared agreement,
    Common loaf and sung shalom.

3.  God is One through desolation:
    Blindness, treason, blood and gall;
    One, though torn by separation
    In the Christ's forsaken call;
    One through death and resurrection;
    One in Spirit, One for all.

WORDS: Brian Wren, 1983
MUSIC: Peter Cutts, 1983
Theme: Trinity Sunday