The Presbyterian Hymnal: Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs


Psalm 23 The Lord's My Shepherd, All My Need

1.  The Lord's my Shepherd, all my need
    Will surely be supplied;
    By quiet streams and through green fields
    The Lord will be my guide.

2.  The Lord revives me, guides my feet
    On pathways that are right,
    And I shall fear no evil though
    I walk through darkest night.

3.  Your rod and staff, they comfort me;
    In presence of my foes
    You feed me; You anoint my head
    And my cup overflows.

4.  Your goodness and Your mercy, Lord,
    Shall surely follow me,
    And I will dwell in God's own house
    For all eternity.

WORDS: Christopher L. Webber, 1986;
MUSIC: alt.William Henry Havergal, 1846
Scripture: Psalm 23
Theme: Psalms